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Event management for helping geeks share their passion, find like-minded people, and have lots of fun!

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Our big events

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Tabletop Game Expo is a smorgasbord for discovering the joy of games. A fun weekend for everyone — beginners and veteran gamers alike. And a hub for the industry.

Tabletop Game Expo focuses on games played on a table, such as board games, miniatures, and role-playing games.  

The expo offers: a trade show, great speakers (on stage), tournaments, family fun, and lots of beginner-friendly gaming.  

Nördarnas Julmarknad

Nördarnas Julmarknad — the ultimate geek bazaar. Private persons sell second-hand items. Artists, authors, and other creators sell their products. And a  few geek-friendly stores offer their wares.

A fantastic event that spreads Christmas joy in many different ways for many different geeks. For example, items ranging from candy and geeky Christmas cards, to cosplay/lajv clothes and tabletop games. And you can't miss the gingerbread house exhibit.

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