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Sign up interest for selling here


Solnahallen, Hall C Ankdammsgatan 46, Solna



Access for sellers from 8.30

Sellers need to pack up and have left latest 16.00


SEK 366+ depending on the space. More info on the spots and price in the signup form here.

What is included?

  • Table + place to stand behind to sell your merchendice or second hand items. 

  • Space on our website and social media for 1 pic and your name, description and link

What is not included?

  • Chairs, bring your own if you wish. 

  • Cloths, highly suggest you bring your own cloth to the table. Without it the tables look bad and you can't quite store things under it.

  • Electricity 


The rules from 2021 can be found here

Some changes will be made for 2022. No payment will be made before final rules for 2022 are published. 

To sign up click here 


  • Take multiple pictures during the autumn of everything you're preparing to sell and when you're creating them. Spread in social media and #nordarnasjulmarknad

  • Print multiple copies of your Swish no. Attach on multiple places and have copies ready to hand over when someone is purchasing.

  • If you use Swish, make sure the monthly limit is increased. 

  • Bring something christmassy to decorate your table and you with. E.g. Christmas hat, red/green vest, red/green suspenders, deocration-santa, elf, christmas tree, gingerbreadhous, nicely wrapped presents

  • Bring businesscards, flyers etc. Use this opportunity to help your brand grow. 

  • Prepare your website/instagram/online marketing place for new visitors. 

  • Bring tablecloth, plenty enough to cover front of table as well as above, to make the space under the table useable for storage. 

  • Bring a chair if you wish to sit. 

  • Bring bags for your customers to they can cary the nice stuff you sold them.

  • Talk to you table-neighbors. Help them keep an eye on things while they take breaks, and they will help you in return. 

  • Ask table-neighbors to take fotos of you at your pimped up table before opening. Help them in return. Post on social media and #nordarnasjulmarknad

  • Share tips and tricks with each other and send them to us so we can share.

  • More to come. 


Contact us


Stockholm, Sweden

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