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At Nördarnas Julmarknad we will have a gingerbread house auction. All proceeds go to BRIS. 

Want to build a house?

Any geek themes creation is welcome. Please sign up if you want to participate. 


Each gingerbread creation will cost a set amount (not decided yet), any one who wants to buy enters their details and at the end we draw who gets to to buy each house, at the pre set price.  

Gingerbread house auction.jpg
  • Maximum area for entire creation (incl. plates and other supporting material) is 85*70 cm. 

  • All visible parts of the gingerbread house must be edible, with exception to the base and lights.

  • Decorations of the scene (e.g. people) may be of non-edible material (e.g. lego).

  • You bring and set up your creation before 9.30 on Dec. 3.

  • You agree to letting us take and post pictures of your creation online.

  • All proceeds from the auction goes to BRIS 

Contact us


Stockholm, Sweden

Thanks for submitting!

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