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3 Dec. 2022, Solnahallen

Dec. 3, 2022. 11-15 oclock.

Solnahallen, Ankdammsgatan 46

At Nördarnas Julmarknad private persons sell second-hand items; artists, authors, and other creators sell their products. And a  few geek-friendly stores offer their wares.

It's a fantastic event that spreads Christmas joy in many different ways for many different geeks. Items ranging from candy and geeky Christmas cards, to cosplay/LARP clothes and tabletop games. And you don't wanna miss the gingerbread house exhibit!

Tickets will SEK 50, payed at door. 

Children up to and including age 6 get free entry.


Something to sell?

Whether you are an artist, game designer, lajv and cosplay crafter, author, jeweler, potter, baker or other creator of geeky things, you are welcome to sell at the ultimate geek bazaar. 

If you are none of the above, but still a geek and have some geeky things you wish to sell second hand you are also most welcome. 


A few geekfriendly stores will also be welcome, so don't hesitate to sign up for a table to sell your merchendice.

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