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Marketing and social media, event management course

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

We studied marketing and social media in module I of Innovative Event Management course.

Hugo Scherman and Joakim Cedlöf from Smuggler Music taught the course. We learned about using the golden circle (Simon Sinek) to speak about why and how we do things (limbic, the emotional part of the brain) instead of about what we do (neocortex, the rational part of the brain).

It's tough, first you need to know your why. You also work on the message because using language is part of the Neocortex, not the Limbic part of our brains, which makes it hard to put into words.

My big takeaway? The importance of having the right followers instead of many followers. This is aligned with the law of diffusion: only a few people will get it at first. And it’s better to focus on them, than to try marketing to a broad market. Those few who get it, will share it. And people listen to others who share without gaining profit from sharing. The few will become many.

This is something I’ve struggled with. I see others with more followers and become envious. But after the weekend, I realized my followers get it. Taking care of them is the work which will lead to more followers over time.

Joakim displayed a bar chart of Swedes’ social media usage. Very interesting! Svenskarna och Internet (SoI) included the bar chart in a report and in addition:

— Preferences by age groups

— Way in which platforms are used.

Click here to view SoI reports:

Nice course colleges, useful subjects well presented and great discussions. It is off to a great start!

runs the course

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