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Podcasters, youtubers, bloggers and magazines want stories to share. If you can help them create content for their form of media they will likely want to share it.

By helping them you also help yourself. When they post about you, you grow trust. Potential future collaborators, tournament players, visitors etc. find information when searching online about you, and the more they understand what you do, the more likely they are to work with you. It also helps grow your brand and following.

Don’t think you have to create something extra special to share your story. People want to hear about people. Tell your story and think about a different perspective or part of the story that can create extra interest.

Running a game night in your home is excellent. You can talk about the specific game you played, or the engagement of your friends with the game, or how nice it is to get back to playing after the chaos of Christmas. You can discuss playing games with the family compared to playing with friends. You can share your specific interest in the design of the game components and maybe draw some links to the popularity of how to color miniatures on YouTube.

Check out the specific media. Do they like to discuss how to engage with games or how the game mechanics work? Find out and help them by creating content that suits them.

When we send a story we write and edit, but don’t spend too much time. It may never get posted. If it is posted the content is probably improved. The story might inspire them to interview us, or join the next game night, instead of using the content as it is. There will be more stories to share going forward, so we send and move on.

Try writing your latest story and sending it. What could happen?

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