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Activities for children

Create more value at your events where families are welcome by organizing activities for children.

We have recently started having tables out, with paper and pens for children to draw at. A activity that does not require volunteers near to run it, does not require instructions or a lot of preparation and material. Yet the activity is very appreciated and allows families to sit down with the children a while.

It is also easy to create a themed activity with paper and pens. At Tabletop Game Expo 2019 Free League spontaneously ran a competition where children and adults drew dinosaurs. It was on theme as Johan Stålenhag joined the Expo, the artist behind the book Urtidsbilder (artist book on dinosaurs).

At Nördarnas Julmarknad we had a Santa workshop where children could write letters to Santa. Same concept, tables with paper and pens. in addition there was on epaper with instructions not to forget sender adress and a example showing how to fold the papers to post. We also decorated a post-box to make it extra Christmassy and geeky.

Do you have tips on simple activities for children? Please share!

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