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Nördarnas Julmarknad

On Dec 4 we organized the ultimate geek bazaar (Nördarnas Julmarknad) for the first time.

What made this Christmas market unique? The range, both in theme, variety and quantity. We had over 100 salespeople at 175 tables indoors in Solnahallen.

Artists, gamedesigners, Larp and cosplay-crafters, writers, jewelers, potters, bakers and other creators of nerdy things came. In addition private sellers came to sell second hand things.

The products at Nördarnas Julmarknad differs from regular christmas markets. A lot of fantasy and sci-fi inspired, but also historic fron different eras and japaneese kawaii. Also new and second hand boardgames.

With over 1000 visitors on the first try, and very happy sellers, we are happy to call this a success!

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